Friday, April 30, 2010

For Sale Domain Names 3-7 yrs SE inclusion

All Domain names are FOR SALE,
All info will be relayed thru this email

If you think that you can start up a brand new domain name and fire up your brand new business in this horrible economy , then Good Luck, because you'll need it. It will take you two years of your time to get off the ground and about $750,000.00 cash. All these domain names are being hosted by us and may maintain that until you decide to transfer.

FOR SALE Bulk buy domain name web site and blogs Las Vegas style    $175,000.00 

For all these web sites and Blogs it would cost you about $300K

to have built and marketed the way we have done for years.

There is so much these sites can be re vamped to Casinos,

Hotels/Resorts, Nightclubs/Shows/Entertainment, Magazines,

Directories, Travel, News, Forums, Adult Dating, what ever you think it?  7/07  7/07  7/07  7/07




$99,000.00 9/06

GOOGLE BLOGS go with Sale  

FOR SALE Bulk buy domain name web site and blogs HOLLYWOOD style   $175,000.00

The advertisng capabilities are limitless, as each domain name can be of a diffrent presence, Examples are dating, Adult dating, Hollywood Gossip, Travel, rentals, realestate, Cruises, tours, cosmetics, classifieds, forums, news columns, Nightclub happenigs, direct chat with celebrities etc, etc.

The picture is worth a thousand words. With todays technology there is No Limit to what can be done with these top web site domain names affixed with social web sites and blogs already built. Each doamin name can be affixed with boo koo Wordpress blogs which in our opinion are #1 for producing awareness and traffic. Traffic equals Sales. Advertising sales should be sold on all of these sites.  7/07  7/07  7/07

Needs re-activation approved by Twitter


FOR SALE we are selling all 3 modeling magazines as a bulk buy out $75,000.00

The domain names are set up also on Myspace, Google Blogs, Wordpress.

This totals to 13 Modeling web sites and blogs for you to market and Book Models or sell ad space

All three were started in 2007 and about 150K invested and time and hosting etc.

These can have Adsense adwords, Travel, Registration for models, Photography shoots or even porn or adult dating sites added or modified.

This is IDEAL for any Model who wants to manage and promote and book Models or

For a print magazine or Agency, or marketing various products

We are giving all this hard work, web site construction and time and money away for a



GOOGLE BLOGS go with Sale

$325,000.00 each 5/03 01/11




All info will be relayed thru this email


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